Monday, 18 August 2014

Inspiration #1

Holly Golightly's enchanting personality and timeless wardrobe never fail to inspire me. After watching Breakfast At Tiffany's for what was probably the hundredth time last night I found my self something searching 'how to dress like Holly Golightly'. I think it's the simplicity of the outfits and also the fact that she re-wears the same little black dress throughout the movie that draws me in. Even from the opening scene of the movie it is clear that Holly Golightly is an elegant women who loves the finer things in life (even if she can't afford them!). I especially love her black alligator shoes that she asks 'Fred' to find for her, if only I had a pair *sigh*. I also adore the way she just roles out of bed looking perfect with her eye mask and ear tassels. 

As well as Holly Golightly being one of my fashion icons, I am so so jealous of her bath tub sofa! How cool would it be to have one of these?!


  1. Favourite movie of all time! And such a beautiful and elegant style x


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