Monday, 23 June 2014

New In: Skincare

I've only bought two skincare products recently so can't really call this a haul but I've been loving Nivea products over the past few and thought that these two new products deserved a post all to themselves. The first product that I bought was the Nivea Daily Essentials: Light Moisturising Day Cream for normal/combination skin. I've used this cream in the past but it was the cream for dry/sensitive skin as my skin tends to vary depending on the weather and also the products that I use, at the moment my skin is pretty normal so I needed a new moisturiser that was better suited to my current skin type. I'm really liking it at the moment and I've seen a great improvement in my skin, it just looks so smooth and I've seen a reduced amount of redness around the nose and chin areas.
The second Nivea product that I purchased was again from their Daily Essentials range and is the Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes for normal/combination skin. These really help to remove my makeup however they don't remove all of it so I use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to remove the remaining dirt.


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Untitled #37

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

3 Ways to Accessorise This Summer

Accessorising is something that I always find a little tricky and I find sites like Polyvore and Pinterest (Let me know of your usernames and I'll check them out, I'm always looking for new inspiration!!) really helpful to look to for inspiration, so I've chosen some accessories that I think would be great to style this summer. I've been really liking hats, bags and sunglasses at the moment because I find that in the summer, when it's scorching and I'm all hot and bothered I don't like to be wearing jewellery so hat's and sunglasses can be a great alternative, plus they help you to feel much more comfortable in the hot weather. I have also chosen a few high street pieces that are available at the moment that I really like and that are really affordable! For all links visit my Polyvore here!!







Monday, 16 June 2014

5 Weight Loss Tips for the Summer

At the moment my main goal is to get 'summer ready' and to do this I need to loose a few pounds and tone up!! I'm always googling phrases like 'how to lose weight' or 'healthy foods for fussy eaters', but I've found that blog posts and YouTube videos are what seem to help me most. They help me to keep motivated and I love the fact that the advice is coming from real people trying to achieve similar things as I am. Over the past year I've started to realise that not everything that I read in diet magazines or read online work for me and so have figures out roughly what does work best for me, and so here's a few tips and tricks that work well for me, and may help you to shed those extra pounds.

 1. Drink lots of water

I know you've all probably heard this a thousand times already, but drinking water actually benefits your body in so many ways. Water has become my go to drink now, whereas before I would opt for a can of coke. Not only does water flush your body of toxins and clears your skin but if drank before and during meals, can fill you up meaning that you  reduce your portion sizes. This works really well for me as I never seem to know when to stop!!

2. Substitution

I find that rather than calling it a diet, it works better to say that your eating healthily, so rather than sticking tightly to meal plans I swap the less healthy foods such as fries, deserts, etc. for healthier alternatives. I have just made my own low fat frozen yoghurt as I have a huge sweet tooth and love snacking on ice cream and cakes so, instead I try to make healthier versions.

3. Fill up on fruit and veg
Rather than filling up on things such as meats, pasta, potatoes... try to eat more fruit and veg. I started doing this a few months ago and I find that it really helps me to keep track of what I'm eating and stops me eating too much of the less healthy attributes of my meals. Also, after eating lots of fruit and veg I feel so refreshed and satisfied.

4. Make a note of what you eat

 I don't calorie count as per say, but I do make a note of all the things that I eat in a day. This means that if I don't have a particularly good day, I can add it to my list in the 'bad' section. This helps me get motivated and to stay away from those foods the next day.

5. Do More

I have to admit, I'm not big on the whole exercising thing but I have started to do more active things such as walking and have seen that it does help when eating healthier as well. Even doing the housework can help you to shed those last pounds.

Friday, 13 June 2014

3 Outfits for Summer Parties

Here are three outfits that I think would be great for summer parties, whether that be a bbq, afternoon tea or a late night garden party.

A Casual BBQ Look

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

A Late Night Garden Party


Late Night Garden Party


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Little ASOS Haul

I've been going a little ASOS mad lately and ended up ordering a few pieces when they had a 25% student discount offer on. I've been wanting to get a pair of mom jeans for a while now but because I'm so short  whenever I've tried them on they just made me look really short and stumpy so when I saw these slim mom jeans on ASOS I thought they worth a try, and I love them!! They are the perfect fit and colour and I even love the rose gold hardware on them. I was also in the need for a new purse as mine was falling a part where I've had it so long. I was going to get one from H&M but I just fell in love with the holographic snake skin combo on this one by Monki. Monki, is a brand that I haven't really bought much from but the purse is great quality so I'll definitely be checking out more of their pieces.


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My ASOS Picks

Here are a few pieces that I've been eyeing up on ASOS recently, some of which I have actually ordered and am waiting for them to arrive!! Also, today they have 25% as student discount so i'll definitely be ordering some more later.

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