Friday, 5 September 2014

Ebay Makeup Brushes

I recently stumbled over a blog post (but I can't remember which blog it was from for the life of me!!) talking about how great these brushes were and the fact that they were only £2.55 completely drew me in! Although I was a bit dubious on how good they would actually be as they were not from a brand like Real Techniques or Sigma, I ordered them anyway because for £2.55, if they did turn out to be completely rubbish then it wouldn't be the end of the world. There are an awful lot of these brushes being sold on Ebay from all different sellers but these are the ones that I bought. They came in a pack of four and where described as small conceal or brushes. I really love the look of these and definitely don't think that they look as cheap as they cost. The brush handle is really long and is actually longer than some of my Real Techniques face brushes which I was actually surprised at as from the photos they looked quite small! 

Here you can see the four brushes that came in the set, (left to right) round head brush, tapered head brush, flat head brush, flat angled head brush.

These brushes are actually very good quality and haven't yet started to shed and I've been trying to use them most days so that I could really see what the quality was like. I have mainly been using the round head brush and the tapered head brush. I've been using the more, round headed brush to apply concealer to any blemishes around the face instead of my usual ELF Flawless Concealer Brush which is very similar to this brush, however is slightly bigger, and is also a bargain at only £3.50! I have been using the tapered brush to apply concealer underneath my eyes where I would usually just use my fingers but the concealer that I am using atm doesn't seem to blend that well unless apply with a brush. As for the other two, I haven't found much use for them but I do think that the angled brush would work really well for concealing or applying a cream highlighter along the brow bone. Even though I have only really used two of these brushes it's still well worth investing in this set as it is so affordable and still can't believe how good these brushes are for the price!

I couldn't recommend these brushes more and think they would be great for both beginners and for people who know a thing or two about makeup! The price is amazing at £2.55 and they definitely don't look as if they've been bought from Ebay, they have a full size brush handle which I thought was very useful and haven't began t shed as of yet!

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