Wednesday, 17 August 2016

5 Must Watch Shows on Netflix Right Now!

If you read this post, then you'll know that I love a good lazy day, and an essential part of that is having a show to binge watch. All of the shows that I mention in this post are shows that I've rewatched more times than I care to admit, but that just goes to show how great they are! 

1. Pretty Little Liars
This was probably an obvious choice. Although up until last week I was up to date with the new series, I decided to rewatch the entire show. I'm currently almost on series 4 and although I already know what happens, I'm still managed to be left on the edge of my seat and constantly making up new theories about who 'A' is.

2. Louis Theroux 
Louis Theroux was a fun way to get through my Media Studies revision and came in handy for the case study part of my exam! I have watched every episode on Netflix and love the way that Theroux makes the stereotypical documentary genre less 'boring' and much easier to watch. My personal favourite episode has to be the Miami Mega Jail one, definitely worth a watch!

3. Dexter
Dexter is an old favourite of mine and still is one of my favourite series' to watch. I've recently picked up the novels that the series is based on so am looking forward to getting back into all things Dexter Morgan related.

4. Once Upon a Time
I can't wait until the new series of Once Upon a Time starts! It's so easy to watch and reminds me of the stories I used to read and watch as a child. I can't wait to see what the new series comes up with.

5. 90210
Although slightly exaggerated, 90210 is very relatable. It's the kind of programme me and my friends watch when we have girly nights in. At times it makes me laugh, and at other times it makes me cry but that why I love it!

What are your favourite programmes to watch right now?


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